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Step 1) Advanced Repair Planning

A strategic disassembly to confirm a complete damage report enabling the shop to have all parts and or additional repair determined and authorized before appointment date.

A mini conditioning report is created at this time and discussed with the customer before their appointment. Unrelated damage is noted and photo’s are put in the database.

Booking Appointments

Step 2) Booking Appointments

3 vehicles are booked in alliance to the shop pitches. The job mix is determined before hand, example 1 Small, 1 medium and 1 large 4 times a day. This enables more quality time spent with our valuable customers and streamlines the flow.

Using the flat line method, the same amount of vehicles coming in must also be released from reassembly and also released to pitch.

Step 3) Check In/Disassembly

The condition report is looked over and the repair plan is put together. The dash area showing mileage and fuel amount and any warning lights are checked using visual management techniques such as paint pen instructions and information.

Parts are checked and mirrored here and bundled for each vehicle, all clips and or misc/shop supplies are boxed/marked for re-assembly at this time.

Step 4) Build Down

All major body repairs are done in this area, welding, sectioning and frame. The Radiator and A/C area are built up in this station. All internal components such as: window regulators etc. are installed here for the intension of a two hour re-assembly after vehicle is painted.

  • Blue print repair area
  • All extras clearly marked
  • All parts accounted for, removed and made ready for paint
  • All misc parts to be painted taped to vehicle “visual management”
  • Sheet metal pre-fitted, 3/16” maximum
  • Repair 4 to 6 hours left before prep

Step 5) Filler

All filler work is applied here from small jobs to large, plus bumper.

  • All body work checked to standard
  • All body finished to 180 (pin hole free)
  • All misc parts marked for paint
  • All parts necessary for paint removed
  • All areas to be seam sealed clearly marked

Step 6) Prep/Paint

When the vehicle hits this area it is prepped for paint and will be delivered within two working days.

  • Verify paint match including blends
  • Paint finish (dry or excessive orange peel)
  • Paint quality (sand scratches/excessive dirt)
  • Paint coverage (inners and edges)

Step 7) Reassembly

Reassemble vehicle, all door moldings, wheels, door handles etc are reinstalled at this station. Vehicle is gone over and inspected for quality assurance and customer satisfaction.

  • All items verified line by line on the work order
  • Check fit and finish
  • Check vehicle operation, lights, power windows, etc.
  • Wax oil
  • All tools accounted for
  • Shop releases vehicle to front counter staff for clean-up

Step 8) Release Appointment/Vehicle Pick-Up

The vehicle is cleaned, inspected and customer service representatives contact the customer with the release time and date. All paper work is readied with the vehicle and discussed with the customer when the vehicle is picked up.

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