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About us

See How we Repair your Vehicle

The only way to make sure the job is done correctly and on time is to have a process. When that process works, you repeat that process. At Crown Autobody and Glass we have perfected the process and we stand by it. The following steps are what we follow on every vehicle that comes to us, no matter the what the damage is to your vehicle.

Step One | The Repair Plan

The vehicle is strategically dismantled as the team carefully goes through everything that needs to be repaired. The car doesn’t go into production until they have 100 per cent of the parts needed

Step Two | Metal Repair

This is where the deep repairs of the vehicle occur. Crown Team has a team of highly talented craftsmen with years of experience, as well as the latest is repair equipment to ensure the vehicle is completed to pre-accident condition.

Step Three | Filler Repair

Before your car is painted, the team members will make sure the surface of the vehicle is nice and smooth. It’s extremely important this step is done to perfection.

Step Four | Prep and Prime

It’s very important all preparation work is done in-process quality standard before the vehicle is painted.

Step Five | Refinishing

Before it’s painted, a great deal of care goes into masking a vehicle to make certain no overspray occurs. The highly maintained paint booths ensure top quality paint and supplies are used on every vehicle.

Step Six | Reassembly

The Crown team reassembles the vehicle according to pre-accident condition, while double-checking the fit and finish of the vehicle.

Step Seven | Quality Control Check

This is a very detailed verification process that ensures everything is completed to the impeccable quality customers expect of the Crown team.

20,000 Square Feet

We have the space, the tools & the knowledge to repair your vehicle back to factory standards.

Restoring your vehicle back to Factory Standards.

Our guaranteed workmanship and factory approved repairs are just a few reasons why thousands of customers have chosen the professionals at Crown AutoBody and Glass.

Windshield Replacement and Repair

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